Dongpeng Yuxiang signs up for Heidelberg multi-col

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On May 17, 2013, during the Eighth China Print Exhibition, Hou Peng, general manager of Shandong pengyuxiang Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., visited the Heidelberg booth and signed a contract to introduce a speedpa CD 105 five color and gloss offset press. This is another big purchase of Heidelberg offset press after pengyuxiang purchased Heidelberg ultra large format speedpa XL 162 to display the required values on the computer interface four-color offset press, adding strong horsepower to its journey in the booming packaging and printing market

picture note: houpeng, general manager of Shandong pengyuxiang (left), and cailiancheng, CEO of Heidelberg China paint, which contains a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds), took a group photo at China print

established in 2001, Shandong pengyuxiang is a famous packaging and printing enterprise in Shandong Province. In 2007, pengyuxiang introduced the first Heidelberg speedpa CD 102 four-color offset press with enhanced configuration in Shandong Province. In april2012, the first Heidelberg ultra large format xuba XL 162 printing machine in northern China was completed and put into operation in pengyuxiang, which made the company famous and powerful. It not only enjoyed a good deal in the domestic market, but also won many overseas big customers with high quality. Hou Peng, the general manager, highly recognized Heidelberg's equipment and services. He confidently said that Heidelberg was very trustworthy in all aspects of printing technology, product performance, workflow and services. Without Heidelberg, there would be no pengyuxiang today

the packaging and printing industry has great potential, and the market competition is also fierce day by day. Houpeng said that price is only one aspect for customers to measure products, and quality is the key. With Heidelberg's equipment, it is equivalent to winning the game. Mr. Hou never worried about his peers' competition for business, because he believed that only his own equipment and technology input signals would be drowned in interference signals and could not be distinguished, which could truly solve the printing quality problem and provide finished products to the satisfaction of customers. Some big customers have made many samples in the surrounding factories and will eventually return to pengyuxiang. In order to cooperate with more and more high-end packaging and printing orders, President Hou signed a contract to introduce a speedpa CD 102 five color glazing offset press at the exhibition, which can calmly deal with the spot color and glazing movable parts commonly used in high-end packaging and make full preparations for future development. When the plant expansion is completed, it is believed that pengyuxiang, which has more and more Heidelberg equipment, will grow stronger and face the challenges and competition with more confidence

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