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Dot printing technology of corrugated boxes in order to adapt to the development and changes of market economy and enhance the competitiveness of products, in order to obtain high-quality dot effect, we must first work hard on the manuscript:

for corrugated box printing, too dense dots are easy to cause paste phenomenon; If the dots are too thin, the graphic details will be lost, which will affect the graphic effect. We must grasp the accuracy when making

graphics are divided into vector graphics and bitmap, and their point processing methods are different. For vector graphics, it is necessary to control the gray level and reflect the level through the gray level change. The size of gray determines the size and thickness of points. Process scanned graphics. After completion, it is converted to gray mode, and then processed by using the color halfone in the pixel filter in Photoshop. The size of the points should be adjusted according to the gray level of the figure through the parameters in the color halfone dialog box until the test piece is crushed, so as to obtain the point pattern suitable for the printing conditions

after the vector image and bitmap are processed, the negative film for printing must be output through the output center. The number of lines output also determines the important parameter of the number of graphic points. The larger the number of lines, the more points. The appropriate number of lines must be selected during output

in the process of making point graphics, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the gray-scale graphics of vector graphics and the number of output lines such as abs-g-mah and POE-g-MAH, as well as the halftone processing graphics of bitmap and the number of output lines, so as to obtain the overall scientific effect

generally, the printing of dot pattern and large-area color block pattern in the same block shall be avoided as far as possible. If the large-area color block pattern and dot pattern are printed separately, the pressure adjustment and color control shall be much simpler

after the design draft is output into negative film, plate making can be carried out. The resin plate used to make point graphics requires high hardness, with a hardness of 45- 50。 Shore

a is appropriate, and the material has low elasticity and slow denaturation recovery, which can ensure good reproducibility of point graphics

the spot resin plate on the same product package shall be made at the same time and completed at one time. It is very easy to have point printing depth differences in several times, resulting in different effects. If the dotted version cannot be processed at one time, the time of back exposure, main exposure, washing, drying, debonding and post-processing must be strictly controlled during plate making, so that the data processed each time are consistent, so as to obtain the dotted resin version with the same effect. 3. When the indication error shows "front positive and rear negative" or "front negative and rear positive" on the dial and individual points are out of tolerance

point graphic design, it is also necessary to consider the number of lines of the embossing roller of the enterprise printing press. It is very important to correctly select the embossing roller, which determines the success or failure. The plating roller is the most common type. With the wide use of the reverse scraping blade and the promotion of the new high-speed printing machine, the rapid wear of the corrugated roller is a difficult problem. Many enterprises have begun to use the wear-resistant ceramic ink roller, which has a high demeanor and is conducive to point pattern printing

when the same color printing includes full page and dots, the thickness of the full page part can be padded up by 0 30mm is good for improving plate pressing and printing

there will be some enlargement during printing, which requires the printer to adjust the pressure as lightly as possible to obtain the minimum dot enlargement, and make detailed records of the parameters adjusted by the printer so that the same printing effect can be tracked in the future

after printing, the spot resin plate shall be cleaned immediately to prevent the ink from drying on the plate, causing spot blockage and bad plate

"the filiform new materials we have introduced in the field of 3D printing technology can enrich the existing product line

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