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The 2015 China top 500 real estate evaluation results summit was grandly held earlier. As one of the top 500 supplier brands shortlisted, Weiye aluminum told reporters in the interview: we should let real estate enterprises participate more in products

on March 24, the 2015 China top 500 real estate evaluation results summit was grandly held in the third phase of Beijing international trade. The conference released the list of top 500 preferred suppliers and service providers. With the in-depth adjustment of the real estate market, the industry pattern of suppliers and service providers in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain is also gradually changing, and the new round of integration trend is more obvious. The mode of competition among enterprises in the industry is constantly upgrading, gradually shifting from price competition and channel competition to innovation competition, service competition and brand competition. Facing the increasingly fierce competition, how do the enterprises that are shortlisted as the top 500 preferred supplier brands stand out? What secrets do they have in the process of cooperating with developers? What problems have you encountered? With these questions, the reporter interviewed Li Weiping, deputy general manager of Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd

reporter: what do you think are the reasons for the selection of enterprises in this top 500 preferred supplier activity? What is the biggest competitive advantage in the engineering market? What experiences can be shared with peers in the process of cooperation with development enterprises

Li Weiping: I think the first is the product. We pay attention to innovation and technological upgrading in R & D, so that the product has high performance, novel style and service value attached to the product; Weiye Aluminum Co., Ltd. initiated the headquarters management mode in 2000. It is a benchmark enterprise with the widest sales coverage, the most advanced equipment technology and the best management efficiency in the aluminum profile industry. In terms of management, we have repeatedly innovated, strategically arranged three production bases in Guangdong changhongling, Guangdong Shuitou and Jiangsu Xuzhou, and implemented the "six unifications" of headquarters management, unified strategic objectives, unified brand promotion, unified process design Unified talent training, unified financial accounting, unified procurement and distribution. Therefore, it can shorten the supply chain, save resources, get close to the market, realize rapid response and reduce logistics costs

Reporter: in order to meet the changes in project quality of current development enterprises, what is the company's strategic layout in the engineering market in 2015? What new products or technologies deserve attention

Li Weiping: in the future, we will pay more attention to the engineering market, and we also hope to pay more attention to innovation and quality, and hope to reach strategic cooperation with more excellent real estate enterprises. On the one hand, we focus on scientific and technological innovation, continue to research and develop new products, new patents and new materials, and maintain the leading advantage. Guangdong is now investing 150million to build the largest vertical oxidation electrophoresis production line in Asia, which not only comprehensively upgrades the product process, promotes the improvement of the previous process standards, makes the whole production process more stringent, and improves the product quality level; Jiangsu phase III introduced a 5000 ton extruder, which is the reserve force for high-quality, refined and advanced products in the Yangtze River Delta. At the same time, it has configured a high-performance and energy-saving threading production area, making an all-round March from production to products green and efficient, leading the leap forward development of the new aluminum alloy material industry. Third, we also hope to promote regional linkage cooperation, implement strategic cooperation and resource linkage on the basis of more than 2000 distribution online stores in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country, increase industry coverage, and provide customers with the most localized, high-quality and efficient services in a timely and efficient manner

Reporter: is there a special service team for developers' cooperation

Li Weiping: "service escort, winning terminal". While realizing the network layout, we adhere to serving customers in good faith and improving value professionally. The company will have a professional one-to-one team service engineering project, which runs through the whole process of sales, technical team and customer service, especially in terms of products, established Weiye curtain wall doors and windows company, It is equipped with a national enterprise technology center and a national building Zhongjian door, window and curtain wall profile R & D and testing center to prepare for the establishment of a national laboratory as a reserve force for large-scale real estate projects. Offline, we will jointly distribute in different regions to participate in industry exchange meetings every quarter, strengthen teamwork, and make the brand effect and brand service more professional and excellent! We attach great importance to and actively safeguard the reasonable rights and interests of customers and suppliers

Reporter: does our engineering service team cover areas or group according to different real estate enterprises

Li Weiping: the group has been segmenting the market in the region according to the global strategic layout. Of course, engineering services are also targeted at the region and one-to-one services for real estate enterprises. For example, we won the bid for a project in the Yangtze River Delta. Our advantage is the production base in Jiangsu. After reaching cooperation, Jiangsu sales technical service team directly ships products from Jiangsu base, which not only shortens the delivery time, And save logistics costs, in all aspects of services will complement each other

Reporter: the standardization and personalization of products have always been the balance of interests that supply enterprises seek. Different enterprises have different practices. Has your enterprise encountered such problems in the process of cooperation with development enterprises, and how to solve them? The concept of "full life cycle" of products is now valued by many enterprises. How do you see its impact on the industry

Li Weiping: it must be encountered, and standardization and characteristic products are also the only way for enterprises to occupy the market. While innovating in the field of aluminum processing, Weiye will pay more attention to the functionality, beauty, simple and systematic circulation of products in the construction industry, and take meeting the needs of users as the guide. It cannot limit regional development, strengthen its own technical team to cultivate innovation, and strengthen the introduction and cooperation of foreign high-tech, Research on industry trends in advance, and the changes brought by technology and creation to the industry and life

reporter: as China's economic development enters the "new normal", facing the pressure of the market environment, building materials enterprises are transforming and upgrading, seeking a new path of development. Combined with their own industry characteristics, will there be such "new normal" changes in the future, or what "new" characteristics will the industry present in the future? How can enterprises seize the opportunities of development and meet the challenges at the same time

Li Weiping: in the future, the new normal is full of opportunities and challenges. We will try to innovate in different fields such as products and sales models, increase strategic alliances with national dealers, implement the profit model of industrial alliances, and establish more stepped 5S product experience halls across the country to quickly show products to end customers and strengthen experiential marketing. In addition to promoting a healthy and positive cooperation mode with development enterprises, we will also work with more door and window related enterprises to carry out some more supporting and high-quality cooperation. In other words, multi-channel development will expand cooperation more widely

reporter: Internet + "has become a key word in this year's government work report. At present, there is a procurement platform relying on the advantages of the Internet in the real estate engineering market to optimize the procurement process and realize the transparency of procurement. What do you think of the attitude of embracing Internet thinking in the real estate supply chain? What impact does it have on the enterprise itself

Li Weiping: learn actively and reflect quickly. The mobile Internet is one of the ports for many enterprises to transform and upgrade. Earlier, our enterprises have been involved in exploring the Internet and established an online sales and service platform of "Weiye door and window mall". They are moving forward with the tmall online store. On the one hand, they sell high-quality door and window products and improve the network popularity of the system doors and windows, On the other hand, it is more about publicizing our products and enterprises. In addition, it establishes exhibition halls on the network platform of large-scale bidding projects, For example, "Sina Real Estate purchasing platform hopes to establish online interaction with more real estate developers, but the real implementation depends on some offline strategic contacts to complete this sales. In the future, we will significantly increase R & D investment, practice industrial B2B and B2C modes through the latest thinking, integrate" informatization "and" industrialization ", and promote our company to be at the forefront of China's aluminum profile industry

reporter: as for our enterprise, which was also selected as the top 500 this time, what impact do you think this honor has on our enterprise, or what advice do you have on our activities

Li Weiping: I think the top 500 preferred supplier evaluation conference is a platform for strong companies to unite. By cultivating and shaping the brands of all walks of the real estate enterprise chain and through brand deep cooperation, we can also create unique competitiveness for today's real estate. At the same time, we can spark more sparks in the process of cooperation, which can not only solve the bottleneck problems we encounter, but also some business problems we may face. Through these enterprises and large partners to cooperate and explore, It may be able to collide with some better development ideas. For our enterprises, it also gives us more opportunities to contact this industry, more excellent enterprises and achieve a longer-term cooperation intention

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