Porch partition decoration Feng Shui is taboo

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The porch is a buffer area from the gate into the living room, allowing people who enter the room to make a slight adjustment and then enter the living room. At the same time, the role of the porch in drawing air into the house, so its Feng Shui pattern will directly affect the feng shui of the house. Partition is indispensable in the decoration and layout of the porch. Partition can not only beautify the space and separate functional areas, but also change the Feng Shui pattern. Partitions of different shapes and materials will produce different geomantic effects when applied to the porch. Now let's talk about porch partition geomantic

1. The porch partition should be placed like this. The porch should be kept clean and refreshing; The tone of the porch should be light and elegant; The daylighting of the porch should be bright; The furniture of the porch should be arranged according to the area; The design of the porch should be auspicious; The shoe cabinet should be set at the side of the porch; The toe should be placed upward; The wall on one side of the porch should be equipped with mirrors; The wall of the porch should be smooth; The ground of the porch should be flat; The ground color of the porch should be dark; Flowers should be placed on the shoe cabinet; Evergreen plants should be placed in the porch

2. The porch is not suitable for this setting. The porch should not be facing the door of the house; The shoe cabinet should not be too small; The shoe cabinet should not be too high; The ceiling color of the porch should not be too dark; The ceiling of the porch should not be too low; Do not use triangular ceiling in the porch; Avoid installing mirrors on the ceiling of the porch; The top of the porch should not have beams; The lighting arrangement of the porch should be square and round rather than triangular; The light of the porch should not be too bright or too dark; Fluorescent lamps should not be used in the porch; If the lamps in the porch are damaged, they should be replaced in time; The design of the porch ground should not have sharp corners; The wood grain of the wooden floor of the porch should not rush directly to the door; The carpet of the porch should not be placed indoors; The carpet in the porch should not be dirty; Avoid hanging clocks in the porch; Avoid placing withered plants in the porch

3. The following points should be paid attention to in the design of the porch. In addition to its decorative function, the porch has another important function, that is, to store goods. The furniture that can be combined in the porch often includes shoe boxes, closets, rain proof cabinets, changing cabinets, etc., which should be designed according to local conditions and make full use of space. In addition, porch furniture should be consistent with other space styles in modeling and echo each other. The form of porch space is sometimes called gray space, and its definition with other spaces such as the living room is sometimes very vague. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to design a partition in the design, which not only defines the space, cushions the line of sight, but also has the decorative function of making the finishing point. The narrow porch that people refer to in daily life is such a partition

when designing porch furniture and partitions, we should consider the consistency of the overall style to avoid being messy in pursuit of fancy





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