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Small products of home decoration are often connected with large products and used frequently. If their quality has problems, it will not only affect their function, but also affect the use of large products. Small products are relatively cheap, lack of well-known brands, and rarely provide after-sales services such as installation. Therefore, owners should not take small products lightly

floor drains for drainage are often installed in bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other places at home. The main function of floor drain is to ensure smooth drainage. In addition, it also needs to have functions such as odor prevention and insect prevention. Many people's bathroom and other spaces have peculiar smell all year round, which is likely to be because the floor drain purchased and installed at the time of decoration did not meet the standard

I. tips for floor drain purchase: look at the structure and material

to purchase floor drains, first you need to understand the basic classification of floor drains, and then the owner can choose the most suitable products according to the needs. There are many floor drain products on the market. When choosing, the most important thing is its structure and material

1. Select the floor drain structure according to the spatial situation

floor drains can be divided into water sealed floor drains and self sealed floor drains according to the different structural principles. The water sealed floor drain uses the water in the floor drain trap to achieve the effect of sealing, odor prevention and insect prevention. At present, the common water seal floor drains include bell type water seal floor drains, eccentric water seal floor drains and semi open water seal floor drains

self sealing floor drains are generally sealed by mechanical devices such as springs, magnets, bearings or soft materials to achieve odor and insect prevention. At present, the self sealing floor drain styles on the market include flap floor drain, spring floor drain, magnet floor drain, floating ball floor drain and duckbill floor drain. Editor's note: the water sealed floor drain is more safe against odor and is not prone to mechanical failure. It is more suitable for shower areas with large drainage area. The self sealing floor drain can avoid the situation that the water stored in the water sealing floor drain is dry and thus does not prevent odor, so it is more suitable for places with only temporary drainage, such as kitchens, balconies, etc. in addition, the direct drainage self sealing floor drain is also suitable for areas with large instantaneous drainage such as washing machines




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