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Water free printing and dyeing technology helps the environmental protection development of the garment industry

Nike recently introduced the water free printing and dyeing technology colordry developed by Taiwan far east new century company, which can eliminate the use of water and harmful chemicals in the traditional garment printing and dyeing process, not only save water resources and reduce environmental pollution, but also be more efficient and better

according to psfk station, on average, 100-150 litres of water are consumed for every kilogram of textiles processed. According to the industry report, more than 39 million tons of polyester fiber need to be printed and dyed every year, and 4-6 million tons of water are consumed by traditional processes

compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, Nike uses color, so it can be used as a good basic material for flexible electronic equipment and "large strain sensor". Dry technology not only completely does not consume water and harmful chemicals, but also uses an electric lever (knife edge) non-metallic material strength testing machine, which avoids the generation of industrial wastewater, but also saves 40% of production time and 63% of energy, And a quarter of the walking distance of the weaver. The finished products of printing and dyeing will have higher saturation, density and uniformity

Nike debugging personnel using color should introduce the general experimental methods of one impact testing machine to customers in detail. The clothes produced by dry will be available early next year

Yeh group, a new fabric company, also launched a new environmental protection technology called drydye last year, which uses compressed carbon dioxide to dye fabrics without water, while saving 50% energy and 50% chemicals

in the summer of 2012, Adidas produced 50000 drydye dyed T-shirts


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