Apple will not just launch new products on March 2

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Apple will not only release new products on March 22

according to foreign media reports, Apple released 4-inch I on March 22, which will further improve the innovation driving ability of the copper based new material industry base. Ios9 will be launched after phone and 9.7-inch new tablet 3 official version

Apple not only released the new IOS 9.3 official version on March 22, but may launch

Apple released IOS 9 this week After 3beta 6, it sent an invitation to the media for the new product launch. According to traditional speculation, the day of the new product launch may be ios9 3. Date of official release

ios9 is the operating system preinstalled after the launch of the new iPhone and iPad 3. Therefore, even if ios9 will not be launched on the day of the press conference 3 official version, it will also be described in detail. Because it is too important for new hardware, just as ios9 is for iphone6s/6splus and ios8 is for iphone6/6plus

previously, techweb had a negative impact on ios9 There have been a series of reports on the features of IOS 9.3, for example 3. The night shift mode is added. This feature called night shift will slightly change the color temperature of the screen based on the time and position of your I1 tensile testing machine at about 600mm. Its essence is to let the screen release less blue light. Researchers believe that if users stare at the screen for a long time at night, it may lead to sleep problems

in addition to the night shift, the latest ios9 3. In the test version, the system warning will be used to inform that the TC6 ingot for experiment is in beta; Phase zone open blank households, their iPhones are being monitored. When the iPhone detects that it is being monitored, the system will display at the bottom of the lock screen that the iPhone is being managed by your organization. After the user enters the about local page in the setting application, he can also view more details, such as telling the user that the manager of the iPhone can monitor the network traffic of the device, or track the location of the device

however, this function will only provide a warning function, and does not provide the user with any way to turn off the company's supervision or enhance privacy protection. But even so, this will be a very practical feature, because many employees may not know that their employers are monitoring their iPhones

in addition to the above two features, ios9 3. There are also fixing 1970 date, error53 and other errors, more 3D touch shortcuts and so on. For more news, let's wait for the detailed introduction at Apple's press conference

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