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Aorong software: on the just need to solve the integration of CRM call center

what is the customer management software used? How to choose CRM customer management system? What does the cloud call center use? How to choose a small call center system

these are two problems that enterprises often encounter when choosing CRM and call center. Qian Jianguo, general manager of aorong software, said: after actual purchase, the third problem often occurs: CRM and call center are separated independently, or their integration is difficult and unobstructed, resulting in increased application cost and inefficient management

the integrated solution of CRM call center is becoming the rigid demand of enterprise informatization

CRM and call center are two hot demands of enterprises today. At the same time, CRM and call center are inseparable. Based on the communication and service of tens of thousands of customers, aorong software has found important problems: there are very few professional solutions that can combine the two in the market

CRM is a soft deformation precision part for enterprise customer-centered sales and service process management, and the call center is an important contact and communication channel for customers. CRM can centrally control customer resources, standardize sales service processes, improve enterprise work efficiency and reduce operating costs. The call center is a comprehensive communication bridge for efficient customer sales and professional customer service. In essence, CRM provides data support for the efficient work of the call center. Through the establishment of customer database and the statistical analysis, mining and refining of information, CRM enables the call center to obtain the detailed information, customer preference, previous communication records and other information of each customer. At the same time, CRM establishes the internal process of sales and after-sales service enterprises after contacting customers

therefore, CRM and call center are inseparable and complementary. The perfect integration of CRM and call center provides customers with more personalized services and cost-effective solutions, which not only improves the work efficiency of enterprises, but also realizes rapid marketing and improves service satisfaction. Now enterprises have paid more and more attention to it

Cct-crm is the perfect integration of call center and CRM, which can greatly improve the efficiency of call center and CRM. Aorong CRM adopts SOA architecture, cloud computing [note] technology, full module customization, deeply meets business flexibility, supports mobile app and social technology, and supports public cloud [note] and private cloud [note] deployment. It is a leading platform CRM software in China. At the same time, aorong software has advanced call center and more than 10 years of CTI communication technology research and development experience. Aorong call center is completely based on VoIP technology, with flexible group, convenient expansion and powerful functions. It supports cloud deployment, localization and distributed deployment. It is a professional call center with leading technology. Therefore, the professional CRM and advanced call center technology of aorong software are deeply integrated, and the 35cct-crm call center integrated solution launched not only solves the problems of enterprise customers and sales service management, but also solves the problems of sales and service efficiency of contacting customers at the actual strength level between shoes and the ground

35cct-crm call center integrated solution not only realizes the basic functions of professional call center, such as incoming call pop-up screen, click call, real-time recording, agent monitoring, IVR voice navigation, statistical analysis, but also has advanced functions such as ACD queuing, agent number reporting, satisfaction evaluation, queue monitoring, multi-party meeting and so on; At the same time, through the powerful platform CRM function of 35cct, the centralized control centered on customers is established, which runs through the sales and service processes before, during and after sales. The full module customization and intelligent process design can deeply meet the individual needs of enterprises. Thus (+ networkworldweixin) provides enterprises with professional solutions that perfectly integrate CRM and call center. The call center architecture based on IP and the RM software architecture of C based on SOA at the 2016 coal trading conference held in Ordos have flexible deployment and strong expansibility. It is an integrated and cost-effective professional CRM call center solution

call center and CRM are inseparable. Based on the full investigation of customer needs, we find that customers often waste a lot of time and money for the integration of CRM and call center from two different manufacturers, and the customer experience is not good. Aorong software has long-term development and service experience in both CRM software and call center communication, The 35cct-crm call center we launched is designed and developed to solve this pain point of the enterprise. Qian Jianguo, general manager of aorong software, said that at the same time, because there are many kinds of customer contact methods, 35cct-crm call center not only has communication, but also has a variety of communication functions such as SMS and, and will successively launch a variety of value-added application functions such as station integration, customer service, APP mobile agent and so on, 35cct-crm call center will be a comprehensive solution integrating multiple communication modes and CRM management

we believe that aorong 35cct-crm call center will create a new experience of CRM call center integration and provide enterprises with an integrated solution with high cost performance and perfect integration of CRM and call center

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